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Just because life takes different unexpected turns and I don't find the motivation to post things as often, that's all
But worry not my children! I will never stop drawing! I'm still doodling a lot as a matter of fact, but I only post what I find convenient at the moment
Yea, that's all I wanted to say ( ^w^)~
Do you guys have trouble creating a sona? A persona, fursona, trollsona, any type of sona?
Idk, whenever I try to craete a sona it always triggers SO many bad memories, it kinda sucks that every time I try to create something to represent me in a drawing I always get so emotionally exhausted..
Anyway.. Do any of you know any open species I could use as a sona? Or any ideas or something?
Why when I open a new tab in the iPad YT stops playing? I already tryed cleaning the history and the cookies and it didn't make any difference 
My feed is spammed with pears...

...and I think that's kinda funny 
  • Watching: Deviants having fun drawing pears
They're open :) in case you want me to draw something ( 'u')/