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So one of my favorite artists of all time uses Tumblr a lot more then DA ((which is fine, btw)), so every now and again I would go to his Tumblr page and check his drawings he didn't post on DA
All was swell up to the point...
Tumblr actually started blocking me because I didn't have an account

well that's a very shitty way of limiting us, Tumblr sweetheart =.=
I mean, now I can't know what my art bae is posting and I probably won't know for another two or three months, cuz he simply doesn't use DA, and the fact that I can't see his drawings now doesn't mean I'll make a Tumblr account, it just means I'm gonna get angry at it (I can't even log in with facebook what the hell Tumby?)
So FNaF 6 came out yesterday and my friends are like:
"Are you serious?!"

Meanwhile I'm in the corner like:
Ho-ly ca-no-ly did any of you see the trailer for Loving Vincent? Congratulations to the people who worked on it! It's amazing!
Remember that comic I said I was gonna do?
Since I can't officially work on it right now, do you at least want some drawings of the charecters and whatnot?
Today at lunch I had the information my kitty, Petit, passed away
Thank you Petit, for all the great memories you brought to our household, you completely changed us. We didn't choose you, the universe chose us, you came to us. Thank you so much Petit for all the great memories you made happen. Thank you for everything you ever did, and thank you so much for being part of this family
I'm crying, but it's not because i'm sad, I''m crying because I know you lived a happy life, I know you made it. So again, thank you so much Petit, for everything
You were Petit, but you sure hell weren't a petit soul
You're not physically with us anymore, but I know you'll be with us forever, in the good memories we have of you
Thank you so much Petit
I know you're in peace now, and that makes me so relived
Thank you

"It's the circle of life
and it rules us all"
I don't get it
I know a lot of people who go crazy over Eevee
Meanwhile I go crazy over Vulpix
What am I doing wrong?
Mizuki-Cho did this and I thought "Well why not?", so here I am

Rules: "You must spell out your username and name a song beginning w/ the letter, then tag as many people as there are letters

W - Why don't you do right? here
I - Imperial March here
D - Dancing with Myself here
E - Emerald Hill Zone here
0 - Zero to Hero here
P - Padre Nuestro here (german)
E - Extra Simple here
N - Nosso Pequeno Castelo here (portuguese)
U - Underground here
N - Nightmare here
D - Domination here
E - Everything is Awesome here
R - Robot Planet here
G - Genghis Khan here
R - Road of Trails here
O - On The Open Road here
U - Uma Arlinda Mulher here (portuguese)
N - No No No here
D - Dark Halls here

Holy crap, this took forever ( o-o)
And I don't have 19 people o tag, you do this if you feel like it
little Wide is sad here
I keep comparing myself to other people, thinking I'll never be "as good as them in thing X" "they are much better in thing Y"
urg idk, at this point my Brazilian expressions translated to English make absolutely no sance. But what difference does it make? If you watch me you probs already know I'm a freak, a dweeb, a wierdo, that I make stupid decisions and I make other people feel uncomfortable
Yeah sorry for being this mess of puberty
I don't know where I'm going with this, I can't talk to anyone right now, so I guess writing shit down is better then letting pile it up
If I'm not making any sense to you...that's ok, it wouldn't be the first time
Why don't you tell me why you watched me in the first place? Is my drawing inspirational?
I'll problaby delete this later anyway, who knows? I don't. Maybe I'll leave it here?
uuuuugh I'm just gonna stop now
ok bye
How about you help me out?
Yeah, art block, not much to say
If I were to make a character for you what would you like it to be like? Give me eye details, body type, maybe scars, hair, anything. You can go as far as specifying teeth if you want to. What type of legs? Digitigrade? Bipedal? Do you want horns? Antlers? Wings? What type of clothing? Let me hear it
Hey do you guys randomly look through your watchers' profile? Cuz I do that sometimes..

Only me?
Okay ( o-o)...

No, I don't know what to call this, buuuuut I'm pretty sure I have a friend who will like this, as it supposedly initiates my little project
Enjoy this teaser my friend  



The princess screamed, as her father slowly took her boots off her wounded foot. They made their iconic tingling sound as the small seeds hit one another.
The king stopped once the boot was out; he looked, stunned, at his daughters’ foot. It had several uneven cut’s, unhuman, if that is possible. Her wounded limb didn’t have any more the anatomy of a foot, but of a tie of flesh.
As the princess sees the worry in her father’s eyes she begins to cry, even more than before.

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” The king asked, with his voice breaking.

He gets up from the ground and start heading to the door on his right.

“I-“ The princess sobs “I didn’t w-want t-t-to” – She covers her eyes with a hand, crying.

The king quickly looks back at her, and start heading to the room with a faster pace. He opens the decorated door and head into the dark room; as he does this a soft, weak light comes from the dark area.

“You better start telling me what happened now, Kyna.” Her father said with his authorial high-position voice.
The princess takes her hand away from her eyes.

“It wasn’t his faul-t” She said, trying to say it clearly. There was a brief silence, only broke by Khyna inhaling “We- he invited me to take a stroll in your lands” She said, as she wiped her tears

Her father came back from the poorly illuminated room with two jars I each hand. One containing purple leaves, and the other one containing a liquid. The leaves were small, delicate, they had bright red thin stripes following the ridges; and the liquid was light, tranquilizing, it looked like it had a cloud gently moving inside it.
Her father placed the jars next to him as he knelled down in front of his daughter again.

“My angel…” he tries to gently touch her foot. He immediately stops as he hears her crying.

“And then a creature attacked us okay?” She started sobbing.

“What was it like?” Her father said it steadily to give her protection.

“I- I didn’t know…”

“Okay…” He said, slowly nodding at her. He opens the jar with liquid, as he opens it, a soft smoke starts to leave the jar. He gets up again, this time not going to the room in the right, but to the drawer in the room.

“In what region was it?” He asked, as he looked though the drawers

The princess looks down “It was beyond the lake” She hesitates “We went to the Karntier” She closes her eyes.
Her father takes out a hand cloth from one of the drawers and closes it. He heads back to his daughter’s encounter.

“It was because of the fair? Wasn’t it?”

“Yes” She bursts into tears, covering her eyes “I’m sorry father, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry-“

Her sentence is stopped by her father hugging her, tightly.

“I’m just happy you’re alive my child” He says

Humanity resumed in 30 seconds:…

You're welcome.
This is embarrassing...

OKAYOKAYOKAY PEOPLE! Before following these letters with those judgmental eyes (yeah, I see you) I wanna get some things straighten out 'mkay?

Be aware:
. Don't know who he is? ->…
. Not a lamonade
. This is an X reader to mirror my character in Oblivion; THING IS, my Oblivion character is a modded race, she is a faun. But since this is an X reader, not X my-character, you gotta picture yourself as a faun (yeah, use that sweet imagination of yours)
. It does follow the step-by-step of the game, but I colored outside the lines

And finely:
. I don't intend on dedicating my DA on fanfic
. I didn't want to post this, but I dared my friend that if I posted this she had to post something embarrassing as well >:]

 Now let's begin, shell we?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

 You took a deep breath as you walked towards the dead man, keeping your eyes fixes at the arrow you shot on his back. Crouching, you pick up the bloody iron arrow and start cleaning with the cloth on your vest. The blood wasn't much of a problem, you fought Pirates for Arkay's sake! Not only that but you had to kill several bandits on your adventures in Cyrodiil, you should be okay with this!
But...something disturbed knew this man.. Just barely, but you knew him; not only that..why DID you kill him? You were sneaking on his house to steal some loot to sell it later for a Thieves Guild fence could've easily snaked out.
 ...But he was such a vulnerable, vulnerable young man.. Coming back home this evening, after a long day of work, after an afternoon on the pub...
 You shake your head and finish cleaning the arrow; how dare you think of this young man in such a way? He was a hard working man and you killed him just because you could! Just because you had a small benefit!
 You put the clean arrow you've been staring at it aimlessly and put it back in your quiver. You look at the body who's only a few palms away from you and quickly remember why you were there in the first place: to steal stuff. Now that the-- owner- is dead you think you can have a much calmer time to search for-- <No! I came to steal only a bit of look not his entire house! First I steal his gems, then I kill him and now I'm okay with this?? How dare I??> You think to yourself
 You get up quickly from your crouched position and start heading downstairs to the entrance of the house. You couldn't help to feel like you're being judged. Not negatively..just...judged. Observed.
 How unpleasant.
 You successfully make your way out the door. By Arkay, that small room you had to pass to get outside felt like the entire Chapel of Nine Divines. It was probably just like 10 seconds or so for you to go from one end of the room to the other, but it sure felt like aaaages.
 You look at the sky; it was getting dark. You should probably go to an Inn or something to spend the night. You were tired, you had a busy day; harvesting and selling goods, stealing innocent man.. You couldn't get that out of your head! Why did you care so much!? Why do you feel like this!? Like you WANT to feel guilty so you wouldn't feel something else?
 You walk the street down to your right, there is an Inn on the end of the road, you'll stay in there for the night. You didn't plan on sleeping too much though; you wanted to wake up as early as sunrise and travel to the next Capital. You were willing to travel to Leyawiin as soon as possible, no way you were staying on that city! What if people found out? You HAD blood stain in your vest after all! People DID see you getting out of his house!
 Your hooves made a recognizable sound on the stone road. You were getting quite popular in the city. Not only the harmonical sound you made when you walked, but you were the only faun there! Of course people will find that strange.
 The harmony played as you walked: "Tock, tock, tock, tock", the few people who were going home looked at you. Some smiled, some greeted, some just stared at you. You understand, after all, you're not from Tamriel, it's okay if people look at you weird.
 But the though scared you. The though of what you just did, minutes ago, before walking down the street. You greeted people back, sometimes smiled back but truth be told you were terrified people would suspect. Nobody seemed to have noticed you were uncomfortable. Good; you didn't want questions. As much as you love to socialize with others all you wanted to just get to that Inn as soon as possible.
Finally you arrive. That didn't help you not get the attention though; the Orc bardman great you happily and laughing:
 "_____!" His enthusiasm "Haha, boy do you look tired! What did you do today? Helped half of the city again? Hahahaha!"
 You laugh nervously at his awful joke:
 "Hahaha..uh..yeah, I'm pretty tired today, yeah...I'm gonna stay here for the night, how much is a room again? An-and a plate?"
 "Fifteen gold coins total!" The Orc bardman turns away and starts getting the drink behind him to serve you. "So what did you do today? For you to be tired? You look worse the how you got there on your first day!"
 "Uhh.." You look away to your left for a second, you could've sworn you felt someone starring at you. "You said it yourself Gro-Nar, I helped half of the city" you were impressed by your improvising skills.
 "Good, good" The Orc says, as he turns back at you holding a whine goblet. He places in front of a seat and makes a gesture with his hand for you to sit. You do as he suggests and make yourself comfortable in there cheap wooden chairs.
 "Anything else besides helping the town?" He walks to another part of the balcony and grabs a plate.
 "Oh, some selling, some hunting, the normal stuff I do."
 "Well, your normal is pretty strange to us little..." he stops what he's doing and looks at you "What are you again?"
 "A faun"
 "Ah yes!" He looks back down and continues organizing the plate. You think of what he just literally hunt and sell and help people, how is that weird?
 "There you go! A healthy meal for a healthy fawn."
 You look at him with a half-smile and pay him the fifteen gold coins. As you chew the bread you think of what you did in that man's house.. Your chewing gets slower and slower as you stare at your free hand on the table. You were deep in thoughts.
 But so may thoughts, so little time; You get back from your trance moment there and continue chewing your bread, trying to keep a fast pace. Proceeding you ate the apple, and lastly, you grabbed the goblet. You stopped the movement once it was close to your could see your reflection in the whine, that made gentle waves with your awfully similar to your acquaintance's blood. Urg! You kept thinking about it!
 You take a long sip of the wine. It tasted weird for a couple of seconds, after some time you started feeling the cheep grape alchemy that went onto that 5 Septims meal. You put you goblet down as if you just had a fight with it. The Orc bardman was surprised at your gesture; he looked at you a bit worried, you've never seemed like an angry person, why would you act so aggressively all of the sudden? You stand up from your chair and start heading upstairs to the room. You feel the gossip and the following eyes on your walking rhythm, you really didn't have time for this.
 You find yourself in the second floor; you turn left and start heading to the last room you se in the corridor. You just wanted to arrive there, close the door, and shove your face into the pillows.
 As you get closer and closer to that room, you feel the music from downstairs slowly fading away, and some of the drunken laughs getting further and further away. How long is this corridor? You didn't care, you were far from Tamriel's inhabitants' eyes, and that's all that matters. You turn to your right and face the room door; you feel relived by being there at last.
 You entered the room as if you've always lived there, then quickly turn around and lock the door you try opening the door just to make sure it's locked.
 It's locked.
 Good..peace? At last?
 You leave your bow and your quiver in a chair close to a small square table. Your traveling bag and your belt at the table which is close to the bed.
 You try not to think too much, you try not to plant or harvest thoughts right now, all you want to do is lock this--this memory, this confusion of feelings away. Let yourself get some rest, you'll think better about it when you're waking up at sunrise to leave this place.
 "Urg..." You lay on the bed, emotionally exhausted from this storm in your head. You turn your back to the bed, and your head facing the ceiling; you make your long, goat like legs comfortable above the blankets. You head is pounding with thoughts going back and fourth, with the intense conversation with yourself and the need for you to feel guilty. You stayed in this position for hours, thinking to yourself.
 Eventually you fall asleep. A sleep which is well earned from your busy day and your stress.
 You have the most peculiar dream...
 You couldn't see much where you resided, everything was blurry, you couldn't see your hands if you tried to. You had a feeling...a feeling of shame.
 A feeling of total shame, a feeling to run and hide, run and hide yourself from what you've done. But..what DID you do? You couldn't remember, only that is was shameful, and it was like nothing you've ever done. I was something so familiar yet so invasive to your feelings; You started breathing faster and faster, until the point you decide to respond to this adrenaline by using it.
 You run; but you can't see remember? All you see are forms of black and red figures. You seem to trip, bump into the figures and fall with a certain frequency. What WHERE you running from anyway? It surely wasn't a solid form, and it didn't seem to have a shape. were running from a feeling.
 As you run, your body gets unusually heavy; you seem to only be able to walk now, making huge effort to lift the weight from your legs. You walk; but very, very slowly.
 You feel something pierce your back; something a sting..a dagger, or an..arrow.
 You wake up; your heart is racing and you're a little bit sweaty on your forehead. You look around, everything is dark. The only source of light in the room is the one window on the wall. You look at the night sky, the stars are illuminating the room.
 You look down at your legs, you follow the smooth goat-like anatomy of it until it reaches the hooves; you let escape a little smile.
 But that smile immediately vanishes as you notice a wave in shades the of black on the end of the bed. You follow the waves, without blinking; very interested. You realize it stops after a point. You just keep staring at it, with no effort in moving any muscle.
 "I see you are intrigued by shadows, murderer"
 You immediately stop looking at the shadows and dart your head where you heard the gruff voice come from. You see a man laying his back on the wall with arms crossed on the other side of the room from your bed.
 He chuckles, "As am I, my child."
 You couldn't see much of the man, he was wearing a black robe that covered his entire body. His head was visible though; you couldn't see the details, but you could see his pale skin in contrast  with the black clothing.
 You quickly get out of bed and incline to get the steel dagger on your belt you left on the table. Holding it close to your hip in an attacking position, with the other arm serving as a shield, you ask quietly:
 "Who are you?"
 You tried to be as confident as you could at the moment, but your tone was obvious that you were scared someone just called you out on what you did that evening. That figure made you feel so uneasy.
 "I? I am a Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood, an you? are a killer."
 As the figure says this it starts walking towards you, never taking his eyes away
 "A harvester os souls, a murderer"
 As the figure gets passed the window, you realize features you didn't realize before; he had a light smile, his eyes were piercing eyes they looked so intimidating. They looked so cold.

[Yay Imma stop here cuz I'm tired, I'll continue tomorrow]
Omg I hit exactly 1,000! That's so cool! (o^u^)o
I don't own my thoughts, I feel like I don't controll what I think
I am thinking about this because I don't know how much time I have left.
Well...that isn't entirely true. Truth be told I don't know for how long I've been here.
I don't feel time. I don't feel time passing. There is no wind. I breathe no air. I don't feel any weight of my body when I walk. There is no difference of the sky and the horizon. All I see is black. A black, endless plain of existence, that's what I find myself into.
My arms, my legs, my body I see, they're all gray. Different shades of gray on the markings on my hands.
Huh...these markings...they are the runes Leinza wrote on my had with his seems it has healed. Oddly enough, for some seconds there I thought "sealed" would be a more appropriate word, but I don't know why.
Wait-- If I am looking at my hands then...then how am I--?
This...this book that is floating by my side...why is it the only colorful thing I see? It's pages are light beige, almos white...they remind me of the pages from the books back home...wait, there is no book cover? That's odd...
Strange little book this is.
Was it always here with me?
It...records all my thoughts?
Huh...I guess my thoughts are all it can record...I can't move my mouth.At this point I don't even know how to speak.
I think that if this book is so keen on recording all my possible manifestations, I'll tell it who I am.
My thoughts are my only manifestations at this point.
What is "this point"...what point is this that I think of?
<sigh>, I think I'm far past "the point" to know.
My name is Khyna Frezelkach.


Writer's note:
A possible mini story I have in mind
So far so good
Just because life takes different unexpected turns and I don't find the motivation to post things as often, that's all
But worry not my children! I will never stop drawing! I'm still doodling a lot as a matter of fact, but I only post what I find convenient at the moment
Yea, that's all I wanted to say ( ^w^)~
Do you guys have trouble creating a sona? A persona, fursona, trollsona, any type of sona?
Idk, whenever I try to craete a sona it always triggers SO many bad memories, it kinda sucks that every time I try to create something to represent me in a drawing I always get so emotionally exhausted..
Anyway.. Do any of you know any open species I could use as a sona? Or any ideas or something?
Why when I open a new tab in the iPad YT stops playing? I already tryed cleaning the history and the cookies and it didn't make any difference 
My feed is spammed with pears...

...and I think that's kinda funny 
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They're open :) in case you want me to draw something ( 'u')/